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                HWAYI Machinery, Largest Rubber Molding Machine Maker China

                HENGYANG HUAYI MACHINERY CO.,LTD.,(also calls HWAYI MACHINERY) built in 2001, focus on rubber molding machine with more than 20 years experience, professionally manufactures rubber injection machines, C frame rubber injection machine, rubber tracks compression molding machine & all kinds of rubber molding machines with automatic production lines or tailor-made devices. Widely used in the field of rubber auto parts, anti-shock parts, power transmission insulators/arresters,rubber cable accessories, and various large mechanical shock adsorption parts,vibration dampers in auto,railways transportation and power transmission industries.

                Rubber Injection Machine HYZ-E Series

                Rubber Injection Machine HYZ-A Series

                Compact Rubber Insulators Injection Machine

                Tyre Bladders Injection Machine

                Rubber Belt Track Vulcanizing Press

                C Frame TPV Injection Press

                C Frame Rubber Injection Press

                Large Vulcanizing Machine

                Why Choose Us

                More than 20 years experience on rubber molding machine, specialized in rubber injection machine, rubber vulcanizing molding machine with automatic production lines. Huayi rubber machine is easy to install&operate,long life time,worry-free after sales service support, which helps HUAYI get high reputation on rubber parts molding industries and build long term strategy cooperation with world famous rubber parts company like TENNECO, BOGE, ZF, HUTCHINSON, SAARGUMMI, STANDARDPROFIL, ZC Rubber, Minth Group, HWASUENG, YOCHOO, LINGLONG TIRE...

                Huge Production Capacity

                High Quality Products

                Product RD & Technology

                Find Our Stories


                Know more about vacuum pump of compression molding machine

                Vacuum compression molding machine with vacuum pump are mostly regular machine to make rubber parts,also is the most widely used rubber molding machines in the world. How to set the parameters of vacuum pump and take good use of vacuum compression molding machine? below is some information from Huayi Machinery for your reference:

                Double Cylinders Silicone Rubber Injection Machine for Long Rod Insulators

                How to improve the production efficiency and save labor cost while making the long rod insulators? Huayi new patented product-Double Cylinders Silicone Rubber Injection Machine can do it very well!


                The Advantages of Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine

                How to make the rubber product / silicone product at a high quality with a beautiful appearance? What is the advantages of Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine? Come on just read this article to know the excellent Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine of Huayi Rubber Machinery.


                Main maintenance methods of rubber machine

                Rubber machinery maintenance work is fault judgment and fault handling, which involves a wide range of knowledge and a large level of complexity. A certain depth (such as comprehensive professional knowledge level) requires not only basic knowledge of rubber molding machine mechanical equipment maintenance, but also basic knowledge of hydraulic maintenance, as well as basic knowledge of electrical and pneumatic maintenance.

                News & Events


                2020 Rubber Tech China Fair Openning Ontime


                Rubber Machinery Show-Rubber Tech China is most professional exhibition of Rubber technology, you can find everything related with rubber raw material, rubber machinery,rubber testings, tyres, tyre molding machine, welcome to visit and see Huayi Rubber Machinery there !


                Government officers came to Huayi rubber machine plant for field investigation to learn about the situation of Huayi company's resumption of work and production after the epidemic

                Want To Find A Reliable Rubber Molding Machine Supplier With Professional Technical Supports?

                The Top Manufacturer Of Rubber Molding Machine, Rubber Injection Machine and Rubber Vulcanizing Molding Machine With Excellent R&d Ability And Largest Rubber Machine Factoy In China.

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